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My new amplifier

I used to rock a Peavey 5150 half-stack - which went on the fritz about 5 years ago - that I have been piece-meal'ing for a long-time. Just recently in addition to (and probably because of) the output side transformer windings shorting out, a thermistor on the mains side just before the transformer fried and cracked. During my search for a replacement I discovered they are not even produced in that particular configuration anymore - along with a few other parts that I would have the potential need to replace now, or in the future. So I decided to bag the idea of perpetually repairing the amp. This decision nearly caused a tear (except, I am man, and I won't admit defeat, being wrong, hair-loss or *ever* crying.). It is a shame to see the 5150 go, because I did enjoy that particular machine immensely..

Enter, the Bugera 333XL 120-watt 3-channel valve (tube) amp -



I know, I am recycling the 4x12 speaker cabinet from the 5150.. and I also know this is a *really* bad photo - almost makes the photo worthless the lighting is so bad. I will get better snapshot later - hopefully when I have actually used it enough to have an opinion on the thing.. So far - it sounds like a tube amp.. and it is loud (yay!).. that is all I know since I have not had much time to get the levels just right.

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